Bioidentical Hormones and Age Management Medicine in Houston and The Woodlands, Texas

Why do we age?  Certainly, lifestyle and genetics play a significant role, but declining hormones, increased oxidative stress from normal metabolism and exposure to toxins in the soil, air, and water, as well as poor nutrition and reduced exercise contribute to age related problems such as fatigue, weight gain, moodiness, poor sleep, reduced libido and sexual performance, loss of muscle tone, as well as lowered endurance and stamina.  Additionally, there is a an increased risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiac disorders, arthritis, and dementia.

Dr. Randy Birken, a Cenegenics Medical Institute trained and board certified physician, specializes in bioidentical hormone optimization, proper vitamin supplementation, weight management, and chelation for toxic heavy metals.  Testing includes both reproductive and metabolic hormones, heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium, and nutritional evaluation.

“By bringing low hormone levels back to optimal values, educating effective exercise and proper nutrition, and ridding the body of toxic heavy metals along with good vitamin supplementation, patients can experience improved energy, better sleep, weight reduction, enhanced libido, and improved memory and mood while reducing risks for chronic aged diseases,” Dr. Birken said.

Hormones can be given orally, as creams, injections, or pellets.  The SottoPelle® method of hormone pellet therapy provides a consistent and even level of hormones for both women and men for many months. Studies indicate improved wellness and possible increased longevity.  This, combined with IV nutrition and IV chelation/detoxification may decrease the risk for aged related disorders.

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Bioidentical and Natural Hormones for Women and Men in Houston and The Woodlands, Texas

Why do we lose muscle tone, endurance, sexual libido, and motivation as we age?  Why do we become fatigued, struggle with sleep, gain weight, develop more aches and pains, and have moodiness with age?

“It’s the decrease in hormones that leads to age related problems,” Dr. Randy Birken, a board certified and Cenegenics Medical Institute physician said. “And many age related diseases, such as diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, dementia, and possibly the increased risk for cancers are due to hormone deficiencies.”

Bioidentical hormones are molecular in structure to natural hormones and are not synthetic.  “That’s the difference,” Dr. Birken continued.  “They are two different kinds of hormones – synthetic hormones do not have the same physiological effects or safety compared to bioidentical hormones.”

Once hormones are optimized in a woman or man, there is improved energy, weight loss, better muscle tone, enhanced libido/sexual performance, more skin collagen, stabilized moods and sleep, as well as overall heightened vitality.  Even younger adults, and especially women on birth control hormones, have improvement if levels are low.

Dr. Birken uses oral, creams, and hormone pellets to raise deficient levels.  “The transformations we see in body contour, mood, motivation, memory, and energy is impressive,” Dr. Birken said.  “It’s the most gratifying medical service I have offered to my patients in 31 years of private practice and as Clinical Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine, especially that we may be enhancing health,  wellness, and longevity.

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Bioidentical Hormones and Age Management Medicine in Houston and The Woodlands, Texas

As we age, cells, tissue, and organs change creating higher risks for chronic age related diseases such as heart conditions, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and senility.  Additionally, there is a slow decrease in energy, sleep, muscle tone, and sexual libido and performance as well as weight gain, increased fat accumulation, and foggy mind.

Restoring deficient hormone levels, detoxifying the body of impurities such as heavy metals, improving vitamin and anti-oxidant storage by both oral and IV administration, and reducing fat can create better energy, sleep, endurance, stamina, libido, and memory.

Dr. Randy A. Birken, MD, a board certified and Cenegenics Medical Institute physician, helps both men and women obtain a stronger and more vibrant person while helping to reduce age related diseases and deterioration as well as changing chronic fatigue into more sustained energy.

Bioidentical hormones given orally, as creams, or slow released pellets, can restore lowered levels; chelation of heavy metals can reduce the ravages of oxidative stress on body organs and possible improve blood flow; and proper vitamin and anti-oxidant therapy. both oral and IV, can improve the body’s defenses to chronic age related diseases.  Using HCG hormone and HCG diet can also promote healthy, natural, and physician guided weight loss along with proper diet and effective exercise.

These complementary and alternative medical options utilize integrative medicine concepts resulting in improved chances for wellness and longevity.

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Bioidentical Hormones, IV Nutrition/Chelation, and Age Management Medicine in Houston-The Woodlands, Texas

Aging is inevitable – but are there ways to slow the process of aging as well as decreasing the risks for chronic age-related diseases?

Randy A. Birken, MD is a board certified and Cenegenics Medical Institute physician offering many medical services to promote health and reduce diseases associated with advancing age.

By optimizing low hormone levels, patient may experience increased energy, fat loss, improved muscle tone/mass, better mental focus, enhanced libido and sexual performance, and improved sleep while reducing risks for age related diseases.  Bioidentical hormones have been shown to promote wellness and longevity.

Anoter complementary and alternative method is IV nutrition and heavy metal chelation that may reduce symptoms such as chronic fatigue, aches and pains, headaches, mood disorders, and allergies while boosting immunity towards infections.  Air, water, and food may contain heavy metals –  IV chelation is a method to detox potential toxicities that may lead to certain diseases.  Dr. Birken is a Certified Chelation Therapist through the American College for the Advancement of Medicine.

By customizing bioidentical hormones through injections, pellets, creams, or oral means, as well as IV nutrition with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and anti-oxidant, patients may experience new vitality and improve the chances for healthy aging.

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IV Chelaton and Nutritional Therapy in Houston and The Woodlands Texas

Heavy metal pollutants can create health hazards and reduce the normal physiological processes from optimal function.  Additionally, deficiencies in anti-oxidants and vitamins can lead to a higher risk for age related disorders.

Chelation therapy reduces heavy metals from the body as a detoxification process and supplements of vitamins and anti-oxidants are given  to restore recommended levels.  Treatment is aimed at removing and detoxing accumluations of harmful levels of aluminum, iron, copper, and toxic heavy metals which enhance free radical damage. Chelation might be useful to prevent or treat rapid oxidation of LDL or bad cholesterol, poor circulation, and heart disease brought on by iron overload. In addition, this combination of IV chelation/nutritional therapy has helped those with autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma, and may offer help with chronic fatigue and improve overall sense of well-being.

This functional medicine approach incorporates complementary and alternative medical as well as age managment concepts for well-being and possible longevity.

Dr. Birken is a board certified and Cengenics Medical Institute physician.  He specializes in anti-aging medicine as well as bioidentical hormone optimization.

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Bioidentical Hormones – The Houston and The Woodlands Texas Experience

Dr. Randy Birken, a board certified and Cenegenics Medical Institute physician, offers both men and women hormone optimization to enhance energy, promote sleep, improve libido, create weight loss, increase muscle tone, and sharpen memory and focus.

As we age, specific hormones declining resulting in chronic fatigue, weight gain, loss of muscle tone and mass, poor sleep, decreased libido, and foggy mind.  Dr. Birken analyzes hormones and then judiciously prescribe natural, bioidentical hormones resulting in increased vitality and well-being.

This age management medicine restores wellness and improves longevity.

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